sobota, 7 lipca 2018

hand embroidered pochette for fan by Atelier Saint-Honore

        Today I present you a new beautiful fashion accesories in 18th century style made by Atelier Saint-Honore. If sometimes you don't know what can you do with your fan, because you need free hands - this is something for you - a pochette for, like a little bag, that you can hang on your gown - very beutiful and also practical solution. This one is made of high quality, creamy silk taffeta, hand sewn and hand embroidered with antiques silk threads, sequins and gold thread. As an inspiration, I used a flowers from Tatra Mountains, because this is very important place for me. In the bottom of pochette I embroidered JJ as Jejette - my nick, used gold thread. Athe back of pochette, there is a metal circle covered with thread, for hold the pochette with ribbon to the waist of the gown. If you would like to order similar pochette (with different embroidery - designed for you), please let me know on priv, or in comment. It will be about $190 with free shipping.

And some pictures from early part of working of it:

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