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Blue gown with creamy down!

This is my second design made in style typical for 18th fashion engraves - the second gown for Klaudia and Marianne. For this costume I used the original sewing pattern from Nora Waught's book. This model is a kiedy of robe a la anglaise decorated with trims and down.

This is one of my favourite gowns from 1880s, and it was my inspiration. I trayed to make 18th's version of this gown, using similar materials and colors.

I love this blue moire fabric with very big, irreagular pattern. The pfoto show how I decorated the edges of the dress with feather down and ruffled trims. everythink was made by hand and it was really hard, long and delicate work. In the end I've sticked little black spots on the feathers. It was important detail witch make the gown more original, and charakterictic. It was my idea, I now that this is very fragille, but looks perfect!

And this is Klaudia, when she was traying her gown (unfinished)

Unfortunately, I haven't good light in my home when I was taking the photos, so please forgive me not so well quality of pictures. In future I will show you the professional photos from Klaudia's and Marianna's book.

This picture with details is the best of my photos. It shows a little the beauty of this gown. The next aren't so good, because my menequin doesn't match to the bodice. it will looks much better on the Klaudia.

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